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Complex Assembly Services Tackling Quality Control and Delivery Hassles


Factory growth challenges are common problems that manufacturers face around the globe. Our new case study concisely details the quality control and delivery issues that one manufacturer faced when obtaining components and services through third-party outsourcers.

In this case study, "Solve Manufacturing QC Headaches with Axenics’ End-to-End Complex Assembly Services," you will learn about the bottlenecks and the additional costs that one manufacturer paid to get the right parts, and how they were able to overcome these hurdles by switching to a complex assembly contract with Axenics. Our free case study provides insights about how partnering with a single-source complex manufacturer can provide increased benefits.

In this case study you will learn:

  • How quality consistency can be met while still maintaining project specifications
  • How complex assemblies will free up resources and manpower, so you can pursue other priorities
  • How Axenics provides end-to-end solutions while you maintain control of the entire project
  • How to realize the cost savings that can be found through the entire process


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Read about the problems that one manufacturer faced when growing their operations, and the solutions that were attained with complex assembly contract services. If you are ready to take the next step, or if you are considering expanding your operations, learn how one company prepared for this change by working with Axenics.